Strength is the most important physical attribute we possess. It influences all the other aspects of fitness – including speed, power, endurance, balance and coordination. Strong people are healthier. They live longer and can do more. Building strength builds confidence. Being strong allows you to be useful. Everyday. Picking up your kid, playing your sport or moving without fear of injury. By training for strength, we can build the foundation for long-term health.

I started my strength journey as a young child, lifting weights to be a stronger gymnast. Later I used the barbell to become a faster runner and a better collegiate rower. But it wasn’t until after a herniated disc in my neck that I truly understood the benefits of strength training. After losing muscle and spending months in pain, the Starting Strength method brought me back to my old self. I regained my muscle, I got stronger than I ever had in my entire life and I found a new passion. Now I want to share it with you.

As a certified Starting Strength Coach, I join the small rank of coaches officially authorized to teach the Starting Strength method to enable clients to get the most strong. I am available for one-on-one coaching and group training sessions at Richmond Balance in Richmond, Virginia. I also provide on-location training if you have access to the applicable equipment.

See below for training options and contact me to set up a session or with any questions.

The Starting Strength Method uses barbell movements to develop strength in the most effective and safest manner possible. It is the most complete process out there and it works for everybody. Life is short and you’re busy, so I’m here to help you find the value and importance of a personalized program to reach your goals. Together, we can focus on making you stronger and more prepared for whatever the future holds. Learn more about Starting Strength here.


Start with two private 1-on-1 sessions to learn the lifts and get an understanding of how the program can work for you. After learning the main lifts, you can continue with private training, join a group, monthly programming or do it on your own.

$140 for 2 people

Good for:
Everyone who is new to the program and wants to join a group or do it on their own. Start here.

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Two group sessions per week with a coach. Programming & gym access is included with monthly contract. Classes are limited to 4-6 people. Begin with the Learn the Lifts introductory sessions and then enjoy the accountability and camaraderie of working in a group!

Current group training times:
MON: 5:30pm, 6:45pm
TUES: 5:30am, 6:45am, 1:00pm
WED: 5:30pm, 6:45pm
THURS: 5:30am, 6:45am, 1:00pm
*other times are available if there is interest

Good for:
People who know they work better in a group and want the accountability of a scheduled workout time. Also good for working with a coach each week at an amazing price!

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After learning the lifts, get the best results possible from your training with 100% attention and answers to all your questions with personal coaching. Additional options include semi-private training & pre-paid packs of 4 for use at anytime.

4 pack – $75/hour
8 pack – $70/hour

Semi-Private Training (2+ people)
$70/hour each
4 pack – $60/hour
8 pack – $55/hour

Good for:
People who prefer to work 1-on-1 with a trainer or in a small group with a friend, partner or family member.

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Monthly Programming: Once you have learned the lifts and can safely do the movements on your own, you are eligible for monthly programming. This is best for Richmond Balance members or people local to Richmond (& surrounding areas) who will be able to check-in at least once or twice a month, in person, so that no bad habits are developed and progress can be evaluated.

Lift Consultation: If you do not live in Richmond or are currently working through the Starting Strength program on your own and would like a full check-in on your lifts and progression in-person, you can schedule a 2-hour consultation to review all lifts and your existing program on one day.

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“My story is one of complete surprise. Growing up I was the opposite of an athlete – I had asthma and avoided anything resembling competition. Then, in my mid 20’s I fell in love with yoga. I thought, finally, I’d found my sport. I practiced four to five times a week and found that after one particularly hard session I had a sharp pain in my lower back. Turns out, I herniated a disc and it took a full year to recover. Once back on the mat I practiced for another four months until I herniated a second disc. This one took a year and a half before I felt confident enough to try activity again. I tried Barre and Pilates and injured myself yet again. I had given up hope until another personal trainer recommended Cassi. The thought of lifting was incredibly intimidating, however, my first consult with Cassi helped put my mind at ease. Over the following two months, Cassi and I met three times and week – working on the fundamentals of alignment and gaining actual strength. My body felt stronger and I, in turn, felt more confident. There is still a journey in front of me, however, with Cassi’s training and programming I know that I’ll be able to continue seeing progress and improvement!” – Melati B.

“I am 53 years old and not a stranger to exercise. However, I found myself in a rut with my exercise program and concerned about the possibility of injury. While reluctant to begin strength training, all the research I read stressed the importance of strength and mobility as we age. The Starting Strength program and Cassi’s tutelage have proven perfect for me. Cassi takes the time to explain the physics behind the lifts and watches my form like a hawk. This attention to form ensures that I do not develop bad habits that would eventually lead to injury. I am surprised at how much I like strength training and how important being strong has become to me. Cassi is the best! I feel comfortable, safe and confident as I pursue my fitness goals with Cassi by my side.” – Dawn S.

“Cassi has been fantastic to work with! I was a collegiate rower, so I knew a lot about cardio, but very little about strength training until I started working with her. Cassi does a great job explaining how to perform each lift and why it is necessary as part of my training plan. She has kept my technique in focus as I get stronger and has been flexible with my irregular work & travel hours. I look and feel better than I did in my rowing days.” – Kaitlin A.

“I had absolutely no lifting experience before I started working with Cassi. I’ve had a great experience with her going through the Starting Strength program. I know that trying to learn the technique on my own, from videos or books, would have been vastly more difficult. The real-time feedback a skilled coach provides was invaluable and probably prevented me from going down a lot of dead ends. She does a great job explaining not just what to do, but also exactly why things are done the way they are, which I find very useful. On top of all that, she’s just fun to work with!” – Andrew R.

“Cassi was awesome to work with as I took a 3-month break from Olympic lifting to work on getting stronger. She incorporated what I needed to get more power (main strength lifts) with olympic accessory work to keep training proper movement patterns. I feel much stronger overhead, and feel more confident with my pulls from the floor. We were able to have very candid conversations about what would and would not help my end goals, and I had a great time in the process.” – Amber B.