Rowing is a beautiful sport, but also a very useful movement that can condition the body and build power from strength at the same time. I am a Certified UCanRow2 Master Instructor for Concept2 Indoor Rowing and previously a US Rowing Level 1 Coach. I started rowing in college and continued to row long past graduation. After coaching rowing teams mostly on the water, my focus turned indoors as the hype around indoor rowing classes grew and my desire to see good rowing drove me to help others. No matter whether you row on the water or off, I am passionate about teaching people how to use the rowing stroke (correctly) to build cardiovascular endurance, strength and mental capacity. Below are ways that you too can learn to row safely and efficiently. Feel free to contact me directly to learn more or to sign up for a session.


Get a group of 3-10 friends together & plan an indoor rowing group session. Row with an instructor AND friends, you’ll find out it’s the best way to learn how to row correctly. There is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY and you can schedule a group at anytime. All classes will last 1 hour and will begin with a 10-15 minute technique session followed by a full-body rowing workout. You do not need to be a member of the gym to set this up, but you do need to find some friends!

Min. 3 people/Max. 10
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Start with a 1-on-1 personal session to learn how to row efficiently, safely and powerfully. Find out how you can lose body fat, get stronger and feel more awesome by adding rowing into your workout program. After an hour you’ll feel more confident about rowing on your own wherever you find a machine!

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Get the most out of your training with continued coaching, working on technique and speed. Half the time will be spent on drills, specific to your needs and the other half on a short workout, applying what you learned. Meet your goals faster and get stronger sooner.

$45/30 minutes
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Have your own machine or work out somewhere else? With online monthly programming, you’ll receive demo videos, tips, cues and drills for perfecting the rowing stroke. I will provide feedback on videos of your personal rowing stroke and ensure that you are moving safely and efficiently. A personal program will be developed for your exact situation and we’ll work together to help you reach your goals. Monthly options are available at multiple rates depending on your programming needs.

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“Cassi Niemann is one of those odd happy people that also don’t bullshit you. They are a rare breed…unicorns really. Her coaching technique is just of that, a coach. She expects those people she coaches and trains to put in hard work but also appreciates all levels of ability. I never once felt critiqued for being out of shape or not being able to do something. She is able to encourage but also knows her clients really well. She knows what I’m capable of and asks that I bring that every time. Cassi is a stickler for form which is very important in both rowing and lifting. But knowing she wants me to do something right is reassuring because I know that she’s looking out for me and keeping me off the Injured Reserve list. Most importantly Cassi is invested, in me, in her sport, in making the world better…and for that I’m grateful.” – Emma M.

“Cassi loves magic. This is not news to anyone who takes her classes. What might be a better kept secret is that Cassi actually is magical. She has an amazing ability to encourage and challenge her clients, walking with them through fitness challenges and celebrating each success. I started with Cassi as a brand new rower, and really, new to fitness in general. I’ve taken 18 months of group rowing classes with Cassi, as well as some individual sessions, a clinic to prepare for the Erg Sprints in Atlanta, and 6 weeks of one-on-one Starting Strength weight lifting coaching. Even if I’m nervous coming in to the gym, her smile and “Let’s do this!” enthusiasm is contagious and soon, I’m laughing through warm ups and ready to try for a PR. Don’t mistake her warm demeanor for being soft, though. If you’re sandbagging it, she’ll call you out. But if you are ready to give your honest best, Cassi will be right by your side (probably in funky socks) reminding you that the magic is actually in your muscles, your heart, and your own willingness to show up and grind through the tough spots.” – Jenn B.

I was referred to Cassi for help with a Concept 2 Rower from the Concept 2 website. Cassi is extremely passionate about rowing as well as personal training. I came in having zero training on a Concept 2 Rower and subsequently terrible form. In addition to training in person, Cassi analyzed a video of my form and sent screenshots outlining proper and improper form. Cassi not only helped correct my form but also provided a game plan complete with workouts as well as encouragement. With her help I was able to exceed my rowing time goal. I highly recommend Cassi for personal training.” – Trey H.

“Cassi is an inspirational trainer and coach and is a joy to work with. She brings a natural enthusiasm to every session which is both effective and contagious. She provides excellent, hands-on attention, identifying where improvements can be made and providing useful advice on getting it right. Her coaching style and knowledge are top notch. Under her guidance, I was able to progress from a relatively new rower to my first 2k competition (2016 Atlanta Erg Sprints) over the course of approximately two months, improving both my form and power output (resulting in a 32 second improvement in my 2k time compared to the baseline).” – Jason C.

“I took an Intro to Rowing class from Cassi to learn the basics of the rowing machine. While I had been using the Concept 2 rower for years as part of my warm-up for lifting and had done some intervals for conditioning, having Cassi explain the fundamentals made a huge difference for me. I am so much more efficient in my rowing form and have been taking a lot of time off of my 2K – all without feeling like I am going to throw up at the end. So now, I don’t view the rower as some kind of torture machine anymore – she made a big change for me.” – Eric P.

“In my 6-week rowing series, I found that the instruction (and instructor) were great. Period. Cassi’s supportive, encouraging, and full of energy. I find her praise is always well-deserved and her criticism is always constructive. I really wish more trainers would be willing to call us out for doing something wrong or half-assed or not as well as we know we can. She’s good at that. And I respect that. I respond to that. I always felt like Cassi knew what she was doing and always had a specific end goal for each of us in mind. Her knowledge and experience allowed her to be flexible and tailored in her instruction to each individual. I came into this with few expectations and a kind of “yeah yeah I can do this” attitude, and was very immediately availed to the challenges, intricacies, and ultimately the resultant euphoria of rowing, rowing properly, and rowing competitively. Rowing is something I now plan to continue with on a regular basis.” – Brandon P.